TIGRAN HAMASYAN | London, Union Chapel

As the colours change in the autumn leaves, so too turn the colours of London’s music — summer pop giving way to crisp, contemplative evenings. Cue the unique and enchanting Luys i Luso project — a polyrhythmic fusion of Armenian sacred music and virtuosic jazz improvisation.

Accompanied by drones and ethereal harmonies from the Yerevan State Chamber Choir, Tigran Hamasyan tastefully combined his signature trills, intricate meters and driving rhythms. Full credit to the choir, who not only sung beautifully, but at one stage also sung a 13/16 ostinato with Tigran improvising on top.

The performers certainly looked the part, dressed in full religious cloaks and performing on a beautifully blue lit stage at Union Chapel, which created a magical ambiance.

The performance fully merited the standing ovation it received and once again showed why jazz greats like Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea and Brad Mehldau hold Tigran in such high esteem.

Check out the ongoing tour for Luys i Luso at luysiluso.com/

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