HIROMI | London, Royal Festival Hall

The Hiromi concert last night at the Royal Festival Hall was, frankly, great. The diminutive performer brought energetic bubbly enthusiasm to her instrument and was more than ably supported by Simon Phillips on drums and Anthony Jackson on bass.

With all three performers and the entire audience seated, the first half of the show did have an atmosphere more of appreciation rather than enjoyment. That is understandable. There is much to sit back and admire about this trio. They form a tight, technically excellent band, one where the individuals contained in it all complement each other brilliantly.

While the first half may have been a little slow, by the end of the second half the audience was left in no doubt about the talent on show. With Hiromi’s fingers tinkling across the keys to create a bumblebee in the sun atmosphere, the drums provide more fill than a dangerously overflowing sandwich and the bass is well and truly brought. Tracks such as ‘Place To Be’, ‘Take Me Away’ and ‘Seeker’ show case their individual talents superbly.

Don’t be fooled. Her music may be exuberant and endearing, but Hiromi is a formidable musician. One who earned her two standing ovations, not by reputation, but by performance.

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