MASSIVE DAD | London, Pleasance

Massive Dad are exquisitely funny people.

“I will never say ‘song’ the same way again.”: the cryptic recommendation of an Edinburgh friend who saw (and loved) the Dad at the Fringe and encouraged all/sundry to sample their comedic delights when- and where-ever possible.

She was right to recommend, the word is funny and the word is good. But before it gets all apostolic preacher up in here, let’s say why it all works. Primarily (it seems) this triceratroupe of comedic excellence make each other laugh — the rest is histrionic. Tessa Coates, Stevie Martin and Liz Smith are fast, furious and funny; there is a fluidity in their writing and joy in their performance. Evidence? This BBC slot will give you some idea.

As for execution: the attention to detail is shiny (see LED-laced jackets) and the transitions are slick. GO AND SEE THEM.

Oh, their Sunday show is sold out…well, maybe like them on Facebook or twitter them on Twitter so you’re the first to hear about the next thing they do. Worth it. Deserving of praise. Desireth of soooohnngs.

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