VULFPECK | London, Brooklyn Bowl

Vulfpeck aren’t such a big deal…UNLESS YOU’RE A HUMON WITH EARS.

That might be overstating it. No. No, that’s about right. You want surprise? Try a beautiful group of band members looking at each other with near confusion as a surge of Londoners salutes their first ever live track in the UK with note-perfect accompaniment and a knowing reverence that fades to allow the powerful and crazy solos of a maverick group.

Apologies, was that too sudden an introduction to the most mind-blowing group on the planet?? Fair enough — a well-paced introduction was (and is) Joey Dosik who softened the crowd with shit-tonnes of soul and a voice that could easily be mistaken for pre-funk Chris Thile. Summary: very good and getting better.

When Bruno Major came on stage,  the night took a jolt towards levity. As Joey joined the cohort as  composer of ‘Game Winner’ it got silly.  What next? Oh. Antwaun Stanley. Mmmhmm. I’m barely able to write about this chapter of a funk-ridden book as that’s the soundtrack to this review and frankly I’m melting. Melting into a puddle of funk. Antwaun. You can have every part of us.

As a member of the crowd pushed passed us in perfect pitch (the mmmm-hmmmmm freestyle of ‘1612’) we realised this wasn’t your typical gig. This was Vulfpeck’s UK debut. It was packed. It IS packed for two more nights. Feelin’ this? You should be. Jack Stratton, Theo Katzman, Woody Goss, Joe Dart. Holy (funky) duck.

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