BLICK BASSY | London, Kings Place Festival

Dressed in striking red goggles and a charcoal boiler suit, Blick Bassy wants the world to remember that we are made from love. His set at Kings Place Festival does a good job of reminding us, due in part to him saying it a lot, as well as a collection of rather exceptional heart-driven music.

The trio of cello, trombone and Blick’s multitude of instrumental and vocal flourishes makes for an unconventional trio. Playing songs mostly taken from Akö there is a Bassa-Jack-Johnston-esque quality to his balladeering, not least because the audience seems transported to a far away oasis of calm.

His robust, versatile voice is underpinned beautifully by the virtuosic cello of Clément Petit moving seamlessly between effortless strumming, sweeping bowed lines, some restless con legno sections and enveloping percussion on the cello’s body. The occasional oompa-quality ofFidel Fourneyron’s trombone is not quite the organic partner to Blick that the cello is, however it lends the songs brassy weight.

This is however Blick’s show — a moment to shine and glide. At the climax of one piece, he unlocks a quite dizzying upper vocal range. As he ascends, his arms flap out and Blick soars above the audience. Whatever Blick Bassy is made of, he’s putting it to exceptional use.

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