Here at The Prickle we’ve reviewed a lot of Disney On Ice shows; this is the third in three months (the others being at the O2 Arena and the Hong Kong Convention Centre). Therefore, you can trust that this new touring show is the best we’ve ever seen. The cast are all absolutely superb, and noticeably a cut above the usual standard (like at Disneyland, uncredited).

Spectacle is the name of the game, with a “Prince Ali” sequence that includes Aladdin majestically astride his gigantic elephant, surrounded by the whirling dancers of Agrabah. The stampede sequence from The Lion King is done with a flurry of wildebeest puppets, fixed to the numerous members of the ensemble, who snake around the ice in dizzying hunting patterns.

But the choreography (Cindy Stuart) is really where this show shines so brightly. Simba kicks things off with a stunning quadruple spin in “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King”, and both Snow White and Frozen’s Anna exude utter grace and full command of the virtuosic ice dancing. Even the fun sections with Mickey Mouse are more energetic and charismatic than ever.

The production design (Jim Youmans) is layered and rich, but still allows room for skating. The parade of characters at the end of each half shows off the truly spectacular costumes. Ingenious lighting (Sam Doty) really lifts the spectacle to a another level. Children in the audience show their open-mouthed excitement, as do many adults. The Wonderful World of Disney On Ice is truly the crème de la crème.

Experience the magic at The O2 until 17 March 2019.

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