Sinnober’s third album is their best arranged and produced to date, and most meditative. Songwriters Natalie Brice (vocals, keyboard, bass) and Sebastian Brice (vocals, guitar) are ably assisted by live cello (Heather Truesdall), trumpet (Dan Reid) and accordion (Daan Temmink), as well as drums (Dave Smith).

A song dedicated to the two singers’ baby, “True North” appears to be the obvious hit from the album, centred around the haunting refrain: “but you’ve got to go your own way / in the footsteps of your father / with the wisdom of your mother”.

The album still follows Sinnober’s classic folk-rock sound, with a couple of twists. “Successful” has the swing and lyrical wit of a classic Gershwin patter song, featuring Natalie Brice’s breezy vocals and ending with a jazz trumpet solo.

Along with the Brices’ excellent songs are three covers: the children’s hymn “When A Knight Won His Spurs”, Tom Rush’s “No Regrets” and Leonard Cohen’s “Alexandra Leaving”. A short album, with only eight tracks, that leaves us wanting more.

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