KINGDOM | London

It’s a joyous kingdom of two queer women and two queer women alone; struggling writer Sade (Temi Wilkey) and her cafe employee best friend Freya (Celine Lowenthal), who share all their hopes, joys, and a bed. Throughout the hour, every naturalistic scene takes place in the same bedroom.

There is no central conflict. The joy comes from the fine observation and comic chemistry as both best friends interact. Sade and Freya share a seemingly unbreakable bond: they finish each other’s sentences; sing beautiful harmonies on songs they invent there and then; and give each other sound advice.

When something bad happens, like Sade has a break up with her lover, or Freya loses her phone, they support each other and quickly move on. Almost every scene is perfectly (and hilariously) naturalistic, but there are some more surreal moments, including numerous sung, danced, and lip-synced numbers.

It is impossible not to leave feeling the auditorium feeling buoyed and delighted from these scenes of intimate, supportive friendship. A particular highlight comes in Sade’s description to Freya of the surprisingly astonishing evening of lesbian sex she’s just enjoyed. Whoever you are, Kingdom will set your femme flame alight.

Visit the Kingdom at 9pm, 9—11 October 2018.

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