NAO | Love Supreme Jazz Festival

The younger generation of Love Supreme gathered in their masses to the main stage on Saturday afternoon, in the hopes of getting a closer look into the musical world of Nao.

Critics and fans alike have deemed one of the most popular artists of this year, so expectations were running high: Nao did not disappoint. She brought life and colour, and even the sunshine, to accompany her performance. Her strong creativity has lead her to develop a really distinct sound, a sound which she has termed ‘wonky funky’. This music was received with huge cheers especially on the tunes ‘Get to Know Ya’ and ‘Girlfriend’, a song inspired by Prince.

For someone who has achieved a huge amount of success over the last year, she remains humble and gracious, taking the time to say thank you to the crowd for their support and to say hello to her two nieces who had come to watch her set live for the first time.

Nao’s vocals are unique and her range is out of this world. They are displayed for all to hear in her biggest hit ‘Bad Blood’ where she finds notes that many singers can only dream of hitting.

Throughout the set the audience was filled with smiles that mirrored Nao’s joy of being on stage. Her sass demanded our attention throughout and her tight band brought the fun that everyone was seeking.


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