CHRISTIAN SCOTT | Love Supreme Jazz Festival

The popular New-Orleans Christian Scott stood confidently on stage; trumpet in hand, dressed in a t-shirt and baggy harem pants. His casual look however, was in complete juxtaposition to the intensity and beauty of his music. His performance at Love Suprme explored the first release in the trilogy ‘Ruler Rebel’ which was sculpted to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the very first jazz recordings of 1917.

Scott is a complete innovator of sound, and his music invited the listeners to reflect and re-evaluate the social and political realities of the world. Speaking on issues such as modern slavery and gender inequality his ensemble opened our ears to another listening experience entirely.

The line up of musicians around him was truly outstanding and he took a good fifteen minutes to introduce each one of them. This included the standout, flautist Elena Pinderhughes, who is just 22 years old. The way in which she commanded her way through the intricate rhythms and intense percussions was particularly moving.

Scott is undoubtedly a pioneer in jazz (a testament perhaps to being a graduate of Berklee School of Music), who breaks down the barriers of music and exposes something truly remarkable every time he plays live.


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