MARK GUILIANA | London, Rich Mix

Tuesday saw Rich Mix in East London dominated by Mark Guiliana and his all-star Beat Music ensemble.

Guiliana and his band proved admirably versatile, experimenting with immersive jazzsterfarian soundscapes accompanied by crystal cut rhythmic stabs. Jason Lindner (composer of Now vs. Now success) serenaded the audience with extended electronic voyages alongside spoken word recordings, providing an engaging contrast to other sections with a more visceral dub-reggae vibe.

The set demonstrated a masterful combination of heavy backbeat feel scattered with Guiliana’s famously intricate and impressive syncopations. The (exceptionally tall) crowd spent their time alternating between heavy head-bobbing and appreciative musical digestion.

Native Dancer provided a stellar support, moving feet across the dance floor with their powerful jazz-funk fusion and soulful grooves.

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