Who hasn’t woken up with that feeling of a nail penetrating the side of their head?

Mine’s usually after a night of Pornstar Martinis, but for Jessica Biel’s, Alice Eckle, the image is all too a bit more literal. In Accidental Love, naïve roller-skating waitress Alice is seconds away from accepting a proposal from her copper boyfriend, Scott — a man obsessed with expressing his emotions in percentages, played endearingly by James Marsden — when an accident involving a nail gun sees poor Alice struck down with a new, but not fatal, hair accessory. Unable to have the nail removed due to a lack of health insurance — ahem… prepare for inferences to ObamaCare — and the affections of her beloved Scott up in the air, what ensues is a crusade upon Washington DC for healthcare for all.

Comparisons can be made to The Wizard of Oz, except in this case; Dorothy has a nail protruding out of the top of her head, the cowardly lion has prostate issues, the tin man is in a constant state of (chaffing) arousal, whilst the scarecrow holds a seat in Congress — charmingly played by Jake Gyllenhaal, but nonetheless demonstrates a figure of no brains in politics (maybe I have election fatigue?).

Circling around this motley crew on her broom is Catherine Keener’s, Representative Pam Hendrickson, who’s obsession with a defence base on the moon creates obstacles for Alice’s healthcare bill. Sadly there’s no “great and powerful Oz” present, but as a romantic comedy goes, the guy gets the girl in the end.

Accidental Love is released through Arrow Films in cinemas Friday 19 June.

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