JOEY DOSIK | London, The Jazz Café

At 17:00 on Thursday 16th May super-groovers Vulfpeck dropped their latest YouTube output, a ‘live’ recording of Grandma, therein triggering the customary cacophony of praise from the Vulfpack.  Discreetly grinning from behind a keyboard in the background of that video sits the track’s composer: Joey Dosik.

Later that same day Dosik stepped onto the stage of London’s Jazz Café, this time taking centre stage.  Dosik carries an easy charisma that needs no resistance and when his grin beams out from beneath the spot light it is met with appreciative nods and satisfied smiles.  There’s more than a touch of golden nostalgia about his vocals and songwriting that bear comparison to Al Green and Marvin Gaye.  The latter was affirmed by his choice of encore and a mic-free rendition of ‘What’s Going On’ caught the breaths and hearts of an audience captivated in silence.

A smart knack to much of Dosik’s performance is his ability to lock into a groove at just the right tempo.  His catchy pop songs (Game Winner and Running Away both spark sing-a-longs) would bounce if taken a shade faster, but Dosik plays a classy game and holds it back a notch.  In doing so he makes the sun shine just that little bit brighter.  “Sports are a metaphor for life,” muses Dosik, explaining why so many of his songs carry sporting analogies.  He concedes that his love of basketball may be lost in translation to an European audience, but the love in the room for Joey is clear.  Slam dunk.

Keep an on Joey Dosik’s website for more tour dates.

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