BREAKING OUT 5 & 6 | The Bunker, London

The final two instalments in The Bunker’s new writing festival, Breaking Out, offer an immersive piece and a musical, both exploring the theme of modern dating, self-hatred and racism.

Second Circle Theatre’s Kiss Chase is an hour-long speed dating “lite” event, but some of the people are actors, who sporadically deliver short monologues about their exes under a spotlight. There are fleeting moments of meta-theatrical excitement between the MC, Jim (Scott Patrick), and his father in the audience (Andrew McDonald).

The best part of leoe&hyde’s Grindr-generation GUY: A New Musical is the arrangement and production of the pre-recorded, contemporary dance score (Stephen Hyde), which is outstanding and very unusual for musical theatre. The choreography (Yukiko Masui) also stands out, especially in an imaginatively balletic sequence where one actor (Steve Banks) portrays a whole series of Grindr hookups.

The story revolves around the outrageously attractive gym bunny doctor-with-a-heart-of-gold Aziz (Seann Miley-Moore), who inexplicably hits on shy, fat, nerd Guy (Brendan Matthew), and fights to win him back. Unpleasantly pitchy vocals proved a problem in most of the songs.

That being said, there is plenty in this double-bill to enjoy, exploring the loneliness of modern dating and hookup culture.

Playing 7pm and 8:30pm, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, as part of BREAKING OUT (until 7 July 2018).

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