BREAKING OUT 3 & 4 | The Bunker, London

The third and fourth works in The Bunker’s new writing festival, Breaking Out, offers a chilling, gripping double-bill about mental health, with West-End quality performances across the board, in this intimate traverse space.

This Noise’s No One Is Coming To Save You (by Nathan Ellis) is about the dissociated hallucinations of two, seemingly unrelated, insomniac millennials, a man (Rudolphe Mdlongwa) and a woman (Agatha Elwes), who narrate their own experiences in the third person. On a stage covered fake grass and half-full (half-empty) glasses, the splintery monologues are brought to life with a direct appeal to the audience.

Paper Creatures’ Section 2 (by Peter Imms), in connection with mental health charity Mind, is a naturalistic piece about Cam (Nathan Coenen) who has been referred by the army to an underfunded NHS ward for patients at severe risk. However, Cam appears to be deteriorating under NHS care, and his partner Kay (Alexandra Da Silva) just wants Cam home.

As a double-bill, the theme of unreliable memories shines through, both in inaccessible traumas and falsely implanted memories. Yet both one-hour plays deals with it so differently: the abstract poetry and evocative movement (Lanre Malaolu) of the first complements the gripping naturalism of the second. A challenging and rewarding evening.

Playing 7pm and 8:30pm, on Tuesdays and Fridays, as part of BREAKING OUT (until 7 July 2018).

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