ZEP 2019–2020 間 IN BETWEEN | Hong Kong, CEZ Sheung Wan

Fashion designer Zep Liu’s micro exhibition has a long but important title: ZEP 2019-2020 間 In Between: An Exploration of Space . Time . Self. Full use is made of the small room on Sai Street called CEZ, with the artist himself guiding visitors through the exhibition’s philosophy. Everything in the exhibition has an explicitly inner and outer aspect, drawing on the over-arching themes of the title.

A timelapse video (and scattered photo stills) show the artist being painstakingly wrapped in brown string over a two-hour period: the string has then been cut off him and hung up from the ceiling to create a centrepiece. From this hangs images of the artist’s clothes, but on the back of these images lie hidden messages.

We also see the clothes themselves on display: ZEP appears to be taking a genderqueer play on traditional Asian costume. Black and white, the materials are delicate and feminine, but with bold, masculine lines. Heat-sensitive fabric bags and purses are on display, with attractive hand-sewn branding.

For all the coolness of Sheung Wan as a neighbourhood, it can often feel a little too colonial and whitewashed. It’s very exciting to be invited into a space that is so very Hong Kong: stylish, Asian, traditional, yet also forward-thinking and Western-inspired.

Running 14 December 2019 to 11 January 2020. Free entry.

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