YOU ME BUM BUM TRAIN | London, Somewhere

The Prickle rode the Bum Bum Train and it was one of the most surreal experiences.

‘It’s run on love’ said one volunteer in then room that caught passengers at the end of their fantastical transportation. She wasn’t wrong.

Bound to the creed of YMBBT it would be wrong to report any of the details of the evening. That said, it is possible to enthuse about a format that takes conventions of performance, interaction and audience then spins them out of all recognition. The sum of these parts creates a 50-minute segment of life and creativity quite unlike any other you are ever likely to experience.

Not one for the passive audience member; YMBBT gives back what you put into it. If you’re the sort of passenger who has ever wondered what it would be like to fall face-first into a living dream, this hypnagogic happening’s the one for you.

You Me Bum Bum Train is run on love (and an army of enthusiastic volunteer performers). If you want to peer behind the curtain, head over here.

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