WOOZE | London, 100 Club

Currently on a world tour (well, England and Korea), interracial high camp glam rock double-act Wooze put on a fab show at Oxford Street’s 100 Club. It is remarkable to see how tight a band they are live, navigating complex, counterpointing riffs, tempo changes and irregular phrases. They even manage synth tracks by interweaving pre-recorded elements with heavy effects on guitars.

However, a draining touring schedule may have got to frontman Theo Spark (vocals, guitar) and drummer Jamie She (vocals, drums). The duo’s vocal cords sound worn out, and lacking the distinctive energy of their studio tracks.

But Wooze know how to put on a show, drummer She rocking out in a bright yellow PVC jumpsuit, frontman Spark posturing and pouting in nothing but a pair of black briefs, knee-high yellow boots and sunglasses. Two other mysterious band members (on bass and guitar) are bedecked in bright yellow full-face balaclavas. Yellow balls hang from the ceiling and there’s a yellow balloon drop, too.

If you’re new to Wooze, imagine the angular, dance-rock stylings of Franz Ferdinand with the humour and eccentricity of late Beatles. Wooze have hinted on social media that this could be the last tour for some while, though it was exciting to hear an unreleased track, “Fantastic Fever“; might there be more music to come in the future? For now, you’ll have to head to Korea if you want to catch the rest of the tour.

Wooze are currently on tour.

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