TWITSTORM | London, Park Theatre

This hilarious digital farce follows the complete destruction of Clarkson-esque prime time TV host Guy Manton (Jason Merrells) due to a racist tweet sent at his own barbecue.

“You know who I hate? It’s people like you,” Manton spits at vampiric journalist Daniel Priest (Ben Kavanagh), “the most PC man in Britain”. This taut encounter of unapologetic right-wing versus withering, parasitic left-wing serves as the thematic climax, where writer Chris England’s voice is clearest.

The way we get there is because refugee Ike (Instagram celeb Tom Moutchi) finds Guy Manton’s house and family, after travelling all the way from Kenya, and stays with them. Ike claims never to have heard of Twitter, or Xbox, and starts to settle into his new, middle-class lifestyle a little too comfortably.

It is a challenge to make a comedy where all of the characters are unlikeable, and yet thanks to brilliant performances and a sparky script, we are engaged throughout. Surprising, genre-leaping twists are to be found in the second act, which some may find jarring, but overall this destructive battle of bad versus worse is a good laugh, and may make you think more about both sides of the coin the next time you see a real-life twitstorm.

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