TRAINSPOTTING — IN YOUR FACE | London, Kings Head Theatre

We traipse and shuffle along the slow trickle of people, struggling against the counter-flow of upstream swimmers leaving the show before. Elbows knock and beer spills as we stretch for plastic cups; a cheerful young chap checks our names against his list and hands over glowsticks that serve as proof of entry. Like moths to a flame we follow the trail of lights inside.

We’re greeted by blaring trance music, lasers, strobes, and tracksuited ravers, one of whom approaches wide-eyed, eager and sweaty. It’s the first of many times during the show that In Your Face live up to their name. Depending on where you’re sat, this applies also to soiled bedsheets and the casts’ genitalia.

Choose a small cramped auditorium behind a pub. Choose to be clambered over, slapped, verbally abused and covered in drink by the actors you’ve paid to see. Choose this sublime immersive version of Trainspotting. Honestly. It’s as full-bodied and fearless a performance as you could hope for which, along with stunning set design, brings Irvine Welsh’s vision of the grit of Edinburgh poverty viscerally to life.

Fans of the book will appreciate the deviations in plot and interpretation taken from the film; filmists will revel in infamous scenes exquisitely reinvented; everyone will be entranced by the easy confidence and wit of the performance, rendered solid by the nonchalance with which the audience are coaxed into and spat out of the action.

The show runs until 27th February, so get down to see it now before it’s too late. Life can wait. Choose Trainspotting.

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