TOTALLY CRAZY | Paris, Crazy Horse

In London we have Magic Mike: Live, and sometimes even Dita Von Teese, but Le Crazy Horse de Paris is the real deal. This legendary Parisian cabaret’s current coquettish offering brings together some of Paris’ most famous acts, which centre on a company of brilliant, topless female dancers playing with desire onstage. This delicately choreographed oblation feels like gentle foreplay to a Bacchic orgy, or the dreamy, easy entertainment that might follow it, both high-end and ribald.

Steeped in sinful reds and blacks, the house (enviably located on Avenue George V) finds the right balance between sleazy, refined, and tongue-in-cheek. The male urinals are painted to look like juicy red lips, and two pert female busts adorn each side of the stage, whose low ceiling makes it look like a classic movie theatre screen.

Much of the show plays on this cinematic format, with entrancing light projections moving over the women, who in turn move with the light. At the same time, the resulting vignettes echo erotic engravings of the 18th century. But the women are playfully in on the joke, teasing with their erotic power and desire. And while some acts showcase the ensemble, others pay tribute to individual performers, who get to show their wit, sensuality, silliness and desire.

In keeping with the cinematic theme, all of the women are mentioned in the “end credits”. Totally Crazy is a sensuous panegyric to the female form and spirit. But like the venue, it’s one part tasteful and two parts outrageous. Don’t bring your kids.

Book online for the twice-nightly show, tickets €87.

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