TIM YIP: BLUE | Hong Kong, HKDI Gallery

As a world-renowned visual artist, costume designer, and art director for stage and film, Tim Yip is known for his aesthetic concept of “New Orientalism”, drawing on ancient culture as a means to inspire the future.

Tim Yip’s infamous style is clearest enjoyed in the first room of the exhibition, which showcases costumes from theatre, TV and film, including Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000), which won Tim Yip the Academy Award for Best Art Direction. The detail on these costumes is extraordinary: look out for a ball gown decorated all over in different types of tiny bugs.

Lilli, a lifelike mannequin, has played the lead role in Tim Yip’s films for over a decade. We see an enormous bookcase filled with different magazines: Lilli is the cover girl on all of them. In the next room, Lilli is seated on a high swing-chair, regarding an enormous cinema screen of swirling colours and images. The final room is a hall of neon-lit mirrors, in which Lilli is seated opposite a fractured robot-Lilli.

The small exhibition, as a whole, lacks continuity. The first half is presented as a museum-style career retrospective, and the second half a curious comment on blurred memory, consumerism and AI. However, both halves are stunning in their own right, and well worth a visit.

Free admission. Until 31 March 2019.

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