The finale of this year’s Jockey Club New Arts Power festival is a multi-disciplinary arts project, curated and produced by The Mills, an old textiles factory reclaimed as a heritage site arts and retail space. Designer Kay Chan and composer Lam Fung have taken Chan Wai’s novella Memory of Herbs as a springboard for a sprawling, interactive installation that takes over the roof garden, bridges and ground floor.

In addition, there are four new site-specific theatre performances. Hugh Cho x TS Crew present White Ginger Lily, an impressive acrobatic performance that sees humans whipping long sheets of fabric up and down in waves, in the manner of a gigantic sewing machine. Wong Chun Tat Ata x Théâtre de la Feuille present Nos mères Leurs mères, an all-female dance piece about textile factory workers.

For Cantonese speakers, Olivia Yan x O Theatre Workshop present a family-friendly “Factory Cabaret” musical based on Chan Wai’s The Memory of Herbs: cartoonish, charming and poppy. Ivanhoe Lam x Santayana Li x Chester Wong present a far more adult and interpretative piece, Living Up to HER, featuring contemporary movement and a capella vocals. In the manner of a funeral, a man eulogises a lost love, who herself represents Hong Kong’s textile industry.

Whatever performance entices you to visit this fantastic venue, make sure you arrive at least an hour early so you can take the time to explore all the shops and mini exhibits on display across three floors, and maybe enjoy a pre-show hipster cup of coffee.

The performances run at various times 10 – 12 January 2019 only.

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