THE WORM | London, Katzpace

This hilarious new comedy about “worming” back into a relationship is a smash hit with the audience, even presented as a “work in progress”. From the first time we see Ben (Rob Frimston) eating a chocolate mousse with two biros serving as chopsticks, in his ex-girlfriend’s flat, we know we are dealing with a deranged universe in which the comically surreal and the darkly sinister will collide.

Without giving too much away, the play’s strength is in the chilling, serious moments peppered among the hysterical comedy. Ben’s monologue to a barman about his tortured past, and Mica’s (Melissa Coleman) monologue about an old uni friend’s double life, are particular highlights. Throughout, the writing demonstrates the play’s scope to be a challenging comment on modern-day love and relationships, and the lies we tell ourselves.

This play is far wider in scope than writer and director Elliott Langsdon’s last play COFFIN, covering a period of months and many locations from a boat bar to London Zoo. The play’s five, lovable millennials are seen in every possible configuration, ramping up the tension until the devastating finale.

Shadowy, evocative lighting and a non-existent, black-box set (except for a calendar-esque poster denoting each scene number and location) work brilliantly in focusing our attention on the action. However, there’s no doubt that when this production transfers (which is a certainty, given the audience response), an increased budget and stage space could do wonders for the play’s comedy and creativity. Watch this space.

Katzpace are passionate about providing a platform for those who may not have the experience, funds or team to develop and showcase their work elsewhere.

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