THE WOMAN IN BLACK | Hong Kong, Cheong Tai Industrial Building

The Woman In Black is celebrating 30 years in the West End this year; and theatre company We Draman is celebrating its fifth October run of their own Cantonese-language production. The performance setting is signficantly changed, too: we queue up outside on the street, having been told to dress in black, and then we’re led group by group into a rickety lift, through a candle-lit, newspaper-strewn corridor, to arrive at a tiny, fifty-seater black box studio theatre.

Stephen Mallatratt’s masterful adaptation of Susan Hill’s novel uses only two characters: old, tortured Arthur Kipps (Desmond Tang), who employs a plucky, young actor (Ronald Lam) to help him rehearse and deliver a stage performance based on his nightmarish encounters with “The Woman In Black” that haunt him to this day.

Of course, one of the main attractions of the play is the promise of supernatural hauntings, and Desmond Tang’s new direction doesn’t disappoint. One or two of the jump scares are dealt with much more subtly here, and some excellent music (Martin Lai) lends a more theatrically rich feeling, along with a new lighting design (Leo Siu) that really compliments the venue.

Just in time for Halloween, this is theatre at its most visceral, which explains why it’s back for the fifth year and still selling out. There are no subtitles, so non-Cantonese-speaking audiences will miss out on the subtleties of this new translation (Sarina Cheung), but brilliant performances and staging still rack up the tension. If you manage to bag a ticket, keep the secrets, and sleep well.

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過往四度公演八十五場,全院滿座,一票難求!👻 今個萬聖節,黑衣女人最後回魂,等著你回來!💀 ___________________________ 《魂遊你左右》(五度公演) 鄧偉傑自導自演作品 (粵語演出) 比恐怖電影多一份想像! 比懸疑小說多一份現場感! 比主題樂園多一份毛骨悚然! 原著:Susan Hill 編劇:Stephen Mallatratt 一名年輕的律師來到一個偏遠的市鎮,處理一樁客戶遺囑的案件,他逐漸發現這座房子和整個村莊隱藏著一樁未被揭開的秘密,而且被一個滿懷仇恨的黑衣女人下了詛咒。現在,在黑暗的劇場裡面,年老的他正要向你重演這一段不可告人的恐怖回憶。 小心!你在暗室中看戲,有人在角落中看你…… *本劇具纏繞不散之恐怖氣氛及驚嚇情節,細膽或患有心臟病的觀眾請自行判斷…… 翻譯:張天恩 導演:鄧偉傑 演員:鄧偉傑 林子傑 舞台及服裝設計:何珮姍 燈光設計:蕭健邦 音樂及音響設計:黎智勇 平面設計:Alfie Leung 宣傳攝影:Ivor Houlker 3-31/10/2019(7,13,20,27/10休演) 8PM 同流黑盒劇場(九龍新蒲崗大有街16號昌泰工廠大廈3樓) 3-12/10 票價 $220/ $120* 14-31/10 票價 $250/ $150* *全日制學生、年滿60歲或以上的高齡人士、殘疾人士及看護人、及綜合社會保障援助受惠人士專享優惠,先到先得,額滿即止。 購票及節目查詢電話:62883685 購票及節目查詢電郵 art-mate網上即時購票 同流網頁 下載訂購表格

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Haunting Hong Kong audiences until 31 October 2019.

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