This all-female trio of Aussie singers hooked on 60’s hits offer an empowering show — a messy and miraculous blend of kitsch and class. Combining song, audience-interaction and skits, these vocal Valkyries definitely know how to shake, rattle and roll.

As the Fabulous Singletes, Naomi Eyers, Melissa Langton and Diane Dixon each bring their own unique flavour. Each is a first-class belter (Eyers in particular). Sporting identical beehives and a tongue-in-cheek attitude, they shapeshift from silly housewives to sultry seductresses to glam rockers, fashioning their style to each new song. Their resonant and melodious voices, pitch-perfect and polished by years of experience, alternate between rousing hits and intimate ballads.

One of the evening’s many delights rests on their ability to effectively harness the duality between servility and empowerment in the service of the main shtick: the Singlettes’ futile search for a man. In a hilariously male-ish attempt to find their Mr. Right, each accosted random audience members, flirting brazenly. Indeed, the Singlettes successfully satirize and subvert gender stereotypes while paying a heartfelt musical homage to the sixties.

So despite their lamentations about being eternally unwed, The Singlettes are quite happy staying that way, thanks very much. Their performance, so frothy at first glance, is also a deeper celebration of female empowerment. Women need each other before they need men.

The Fabulous Singlettes are on tour.

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