THE MOTH | London, Union Chapel

Union Chapel always has a cosy quality to it, never more so than when the audience has come to sit in wrapped attention as stories are told from the stage.

The Moth is the platform for these stories — something of a radio institution launch in 1997 where all stories are delivered without notes and truthful. This leads to a wonderful sense of connection as the open-heartedness of the teller is reflected by the audience. Some events are comprised of randomly-selected speakers, this one however is curated around the title ‘Between Worlds’.

With such a generous theme, the stage/mic is open for a broad range of experiences and the night certainly delivers on this front. A tale of a family learning to be together after jail time and a tweet-worthy bird enthusiast (who would dearly love to poison some pigeons in the park) give the first half a family-centric and off-beat feel. After the interval, the theme of family is continued with story about loss, identity and FGM while we also hear about connections across community lines in 1980s Britain.

The show was varied, pithy, emotional, entertaining and compelling not to mention a real thrill to see The Moth live in London.

A new collection of Moth stories is now available. Check out ‘All These Wonders’ here.

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