THE ILLUSIONISTS 2.0 | Moscow, Crocus City Hall

This might be the greatest magic show you will ever see. Seven of the world’s greatest magicians have returned to Moscow’s 7,500-seater Crocus City Hall, following last year’s sell-out success. Both the small-scale sleight-of-hand and the Vegas-style illusion acts are world-class.

First up, the illusions: Italy’s Andrew Basso performs Houdini’s death-defying underwater escape, the show’s climax, with ultimate carnival bravado. France’s Enzo provides some truly unique and gobsmacking illusions of his own invention in a winning, enigmatic style. England’s Josephine Lee amazes with some perfectly choreographed magic that blends video projection and real-life.

However, there’s also plenty of astonishing close-up. The opportunity to see South Korea’s Yu Ho Jin, 2012 FISM World Champion, cannot be underestimated. Providing the opening and closing acts, he manipulates cards and coins with such utter dexterity and class that it feels like real magic. America’s Leonardo Bruno also offers a charming illusion levitating paper in a lady’s hand, standing with her in the audience. Don’t worry: hi-tech cameras and enormous video screens capture every last detail.

Definitely get there early: arena type queues and security are in place, plus magicians perform out in the lobby, and there’s even a little magic shop to visit. There’s no bell in the interval, so don’t get lost. You don’t want to miss a moment of this truly special evening of the world’s best magic.

Until 28 January 2018. Tickets £25-£165.

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