Much of the Nonclassical evening in east London was spent in transition. By train, by tube, or by loop.

Opening the evening, an ever-strengthening set from the Hermes Experiment showcased pieces cleaving to their growing repertoire by composer/arrangers including Stevie Wishart (inspired by Eurostar), clarinetist Oliver Pashley (Big Yellow Taxi), Ewan Campbell (the stupidly excellentTube map) and Jethro Cooke (Metropolis semi-improvised score). It was pulsating, unexpected and there were escalators in duet. What’s not to like?

Following them, Estonian viloinist/vocalist Maarja Nuut took to  — and took over — the stage. With Dalston’s faithful scrunching around the stage at The Victoria, she delivered a Polka for little devils, a spoken word tribute to birds with silken feathers and a haunting tribute to a nearly-marital swing. The spinning and stomping of her piece incorporating vio-dolin (carved from the wood of a French argument) threw a dervish element into the evening eventually soothed by a soundscape tribute to ice and snow (‘Karrrrrgus’ — a crispier landscape).

It was night of soothing madness (equi-cide game notwithstanding) — all is well in the Nonclassical world.

Nonclassical run a monthly night where you can hear unexpected things. Find out more here.

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