THE BOYS GET THE V | London, Creechurch House

Promoting season three of Amazon Prime’s hit series The Boys, this free, forty-five-minute immersive theatre experience gets our hearts racing and squealing with laughter.

Ostensibly at the London office of sinister supercorporation Vought in Aldgate, one of the drugged-up basement “supes” has got loose and caused all kinds of havoc: the office is strewn with dead bodies, blood splatters, and heads that seem to have simply exploded. We have been invited in as members of the cleaning team. We have to search the corpses for security passes, severed hands, and freshly-gouged eyeballs.

The grand finale is a fully choreographed musical fight sequence between Vought’s escaped “supe” and a couple of woefully unprepared security guards. But the main event is the production design of the entire office building and the sheer attention to detail. Fans of the show will enjoy seeing how the office was (pre-destruction) in the middle of meetings about superhero-branded sex toys, and gratuitously LGBT-branded products for “Brave Maeve”.

True to the show, the action is graphically violent (and sexual), with a script that is brusque and foul-mouthed throughout. However, you’re in and out before you can breathe, there’s no jump-scares, and your clothes won’t get blood-spattered. Make sure to download your free souvenir snap at the end.

Playing 31 May – 5 June 2022 at 24 Creechurch Lane, London, EC3A 5EH.

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