SUSAN RIDDELL: DUVET DAY | Edinburgh Fringe 2019

Susan Riddell should not be performing: it is dangerously hot in Monkey Barrel Comedy’s packed-out little basement. But perform she does, to an audience of fully emotionally engaged, physically half-fainting folk, with whom she does heat checks throughout, in order to make sure everyone is still okay.

Beneath her highly-enjoyable pessimism and at times hilarious disdain, there’s a softness to Riddell, in the faces she pulls, her single, painstakingly-made prop, and the way she treats her audience with real care and interest.

Even when she’s some version of self-deprecating, she’s always self-forgiving, too — or just not too fussed either way — and the result is a very relaxed hour, where only people outside of the room get really slated. Much of the humour is stuff for ‘normal’ people, either through pop culture or supermarket politics, and her observations on Queer Eye are worth the ticket price alone.

It is recommended you book ahead for a mere £5, in spite of free entry on the door; many people end up getting turned away. Riddell will no doubt have a bigger venue next year, but don’t wait till then.

Playing 7:15pm at Monkey Barrel Comedy until 25 August 2019.

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