ROSIE TURTON | Rosie’s 5ive

Jazz re:freshed is a multifaceted music arts organisation at the forefront of the UK Jazz revolution worldwide, and their popular 5ives series has launched the likes of Ashley Henry and Nubya Garcia. Recorded at Soup Studios in East London, the London-based trombonist and composer blends trombone (Rosie Turton), violin (Johanna Burnheart) and electronics over a bed of interlocking grooves and soundscapes, exploring jazz, hip-hop and Indian classical music.

The 40-minute album is split into five tracks, all quite meditative, with plenty of room for some relaxed improvising, but the album is never repetitive: reflecting Turton’s own musical influences, there’s a huge amount of variety on offer here as each lengthy composition takes on unexpected turns.

“Stolen Ribs” opens the album with manipulated soundscapes that reverberate around and underneath Luke Newman’s layered singing and spoken poetry. The second track, “The Unknown”, takes us into the rhythmic, jazzy, instrumental territory that typifies the album. It’s intriguingly tense, with a pacy groove, and an arresting, arrythmic violin solo. “The Purge” calms down a bit texturally, leaving plenty of space for drums and percussion (Jake Long) to experiment.

The fourth track, “Butterfly”, offers a classic New York groove, and Turton really lets fly with the trombone here, preferring to rein it on on some of the other tracks. “Orange Moon” closes the album with a lengthy, understated solo on Wurlitzer (Maria Chiara Argirò) along with synthesizers (Ben Hayes). Despite all the incredible variety of influences, instruments and performance styles, the whole album has a beautifully natural fusion. It’s relaxed, layered, and endlessly engaging.

You can stream Rosie’s 5ive online.

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