PROJECT NEXT WAVE 流轉✕思浪潮 | Hong Kong, Ko Shan Theatre

Hong Kong’s City Contemporary Dance Company (CCDC) is showcasing three up-and-coming choreographers in this daring, politically-driven triple bill, for large auditorium space and online screening. The climax is KT Yau’s thrilling piece of almost one hour, noBODY, devised with the CCDC ensemble themselves.

noBODY‘s lengthy centrepiece, set to the music of classic ballet Giselle, sees the twelve dancers enter one by one onto the plain white stage, each covered head to toe in what looks like a giant black gym bag. Packing yoga balls, bricks and cushions into their comic silhouettes, everyone enters in a different way: writhing around; twisted into a witch’s hat; utterly rectangular; even in a neat trapezium. The effect has the audience transfixed and laughing out loud.

Christy Poinsettia Ma’s Feast opens the show: ending with the massive projected title, “You don’t know what the hell they danced” is a refreshing sentiment for avant-garde choreography, and yet the whole piece guides the audience with spoken dialogue (devised by the ensemble) in Cantonese and Putonghua, roughly following the myth of Prometheus. Towards the end, what looks like a gigantic headless governess appears to swallow and digest the ensemble, left naked and bloody on the stage as the curtain drops.

Felix Ke’s ONGOING is perhaps the most “traditional” of the three, with a post-apocalyptic ensemble dancing to a soundscape inspired by the (ongoing) Hong Kong protests of 2019-2020. Halfway through, everyone launches into a camp, technicolour dance and lipsync to a cheesy song all about leaving Hong Kong, before snapping back into the screaming horrors of the ticking clock. A privilege to see these alarmingly relevant works from exciting, up-and-coming choreographers.

Playing for three performances only, 2 – 4 October 2020, live and online streaming.

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