POPPY AJUDHA | Love Supreme Jazz Festival

Opening with her latest single ‘Love Falls Down’, the crowd at Love Supreme is quickly transfixed with the voice of Poppy Ajudha.  At the ripe age of just 22, she already possesses the natural husky tones reminiscent of Amy Winehouse combined with an effortlessly jazzy flare of Sarah Vaughan.

She is one of the many phenomenal young buds to bloom out of South London, and to fill out the Arena Tent at this jazz festival is testament to both her ability and originality.  Ajudha is honest in her writing, and her music is wonderfully varied.  We were treated to a delicate, stripped back version of ‘David’s Song’, a tribute to her friend who passed away, and later in contrast to more upbeat numbers that had the crowd moving in sync.

Ajudha is not afraid to address bigger issues in her music, as shown through her latest contribution ‘Panopticon’, which focuses on Foucault’s idea of self-surveillance.  It was refreshing to hear the spoken-word that opens this piece with lines ‘Cant find our way’, especially as some of her words were lost in the set due to lack of articulation when singing.

After listening to this performance it is hard to believe that such a striking artist has yet to release an EP, never mind a whole album.  One thing is for sure though; Ajudha has a clear vision and distinct sound that will inevitably make a strong mark on the modern jazz scene for years to come.


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