PITY | London, Royal Court

The sheer insanity on offer here cannot really be captured in a review; you will just have to go and see it for yourself. Rory Mullarkey‘s latest work offers us the end of the world in 100 minutes, via explosions and ice cream.

In a completely cartoonish set (Chloe Lamford) coated in fake, fluorescent turf and a glitter curtain, along with plastic, light-up clouds, the astronomically high death-count begins with a simple lightning strike to a grouchy father.

In the wake of more and more buildings exploding, the Prime Minister (Helena Lymbery) visits and sings a song about ham sandwiches. It isn’t long before the leaders of “The Reds” and “The Blues” are romping about the stage in fully operational metal tanks, murdering everyone in their sights.

As a comment on “English-ness” or the cartoonish frenzy surrounding the war on terror, this is hardly groundbreaking stuff, although a few “serious” speeches (plus a choral Requiem finale) suggests we are supposed to find this thought-provoking in some way. Where it really succeeds is as a completely unpredictable, madcap comedy, packed with hysterical moments. You won’t believe your eyes.

£12 day seats are available at the box office. Until 11 August.

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