Pierre Novellie, a regular contributor to BBC’s The Mash Report, brings his widely acclaimed stand up show back to London. Following on from successful touring over the past year, this is Novellie at his absolute best. Witty, incisive, and beautifully crafted, Novellie navigates modern day global political satire with his inimitable grace and ease on stage, and constant, uproarious laughter from the audience.

Novellie starts things off by usefully explaining his own background as a French-Italian named South African who grew up on the Isle of Man. Referencing his own role as a satirist, he satirises satire itself, with particular regard to the “fully-automated self-satirising machine” that is America. Then again, is the U.K. any different?

Describing the royal family to his deeply confused South African relatives involves describing The Queen as a “money nana”, and Prince Charles as a “simple-minded homeopath”. An extended diatribe, on why we should all eat chickens (“meat footballs”) and eggs, highlights how desperate we are to enact “dramatic” changes in our lives, like going vegan, purely to feel like we’re making a change in the wider world.

Novellie’s handle on the intricate complexities of global history, politics, and the modern-day cultural psyche of the U.K., could be intimidating, in the wrong hands. But Novellie is so relaxed, so non-preachy, and so consistently funny, we can’t help but die laughing. Even at the renowned Soho Theatre, stand up is not normally this excellent, even from comedians twice Novellie’s age. Do not miss.


See, Hear, and Speak Novellie until 6 April 2019.

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