PHOX | London, Electrowerkz

Phox is a band comprising of serenely beautiful song-writing, home-grown musicianship and eccentric personalities.

Having come to their music through the sometimes bizarre, but invariably endearing video EP, Confetti it was a pleasure to discover that this character bleeds through in live performances. Although contesting with both the tail end of a cold and a distracting AC hum, front woman Monica Martin’s beautiful voice and quaint stage-manner easily charmed the intimate crowd at Electrowerkz.

Bathed in smoke, drummer Matt Holmen steered the band through subtle tempo changes, and rhythmic pulses of their repertoire — ranging from the sparse, beguiling introduction of Blue and White through to the euphoric Espeon there is power and delicacy in equal measure. But this is no band of individuals. There is an understanding and joy that binds each of the band’s six members — an irresistible prospect for any audience.

Phox are an emerging band, maturing wonderfully, with their sights set on a shimmering path ahead of them. Watch out for them when they return to the UK in November.

Verdict: faultless.

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