This small, free exhibition gathers together a diverse group of Hong Kong artists exploring the central theme of “nude” in various different styles and media, including fashion, 3-D lighting fixtures, painting, and digital pieces.

The central piece is by “White Project”: a collection of “nude”-coloured, beige cotton clothing pieces hung on mannequins, each paired with an easel of a 2-D nude figure. Hon Wing’s strappy coat is layered with translucent plastic labels of hazard warnings; and To Wing In’s thermal coat is performatively cumbersome; while Huang Peiming’s straitjacket looks like space-age gothic fusion; and Yiu Ka Po goes for the elegant lines of a tailcoat.

Sam William Roseman’s humorous and idiosyncratic offering of cotton embroidery on canvas proudly declares, “I HATE GAY ART”, while also embroidering colourful penises over black and white photos. Tea Huang displays six black-and-white digital paintings in perfect circles (one of which is used for NuDDfest’s publicity), also of male nudes, including a scowling, gender-queer figure in a hair net.

There are some more abstract pieces, too: Ha Yat Sing, founder of NuDD, displays a large-scale alcohol ink on yupo, an arresting 2-D piece that looks like green marbling; two figures are suggested. Noah and Grey’s lighting pieces elegantly suggest uncovered light, rather than human nudity. In the centre lies a pile of visitors’ own offerings from a life-drawing class. An exhibition with surprisingly broad scope, and community at its core.

Free admission, 4 – 11 October 2020.

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