MUTATIONS BY SHOHEI TSUDA | Hong Kong, chi K11 art space

This micro-exhibition offers an interesting journey through some mutated spaces. Japanese artist Shohei Tsuda was “deeply moved” by the “phenomenon of nature overlapping with urban activities” in Hong Kong, which inspires these new works.

In the first space, an enormous sheet of gold foil has been warped into a mountain-like surface, and mounted on a wall. But with a little breeze, or an exhibition patron accidentally bumping into it, this wall is likely to continue to mutate.

The second space invites visitors to walk through a tiny tunnel between two walls of hanging coloured string. Through these strings, disorienting projections create unexpected shadows and patterns, along with a distorted soundscape.

The third space centres around a giant piece of white crinkly paper, suspended on a diagonal, that visitors can walk around and even underneath. Projecting different images on top, with different soundscapes, the paper can take on the appearance of a jungle, a randomly generated 3D shape, or a mountain. An accompanying video shows Tsuda helping others make their own smaller versions of this artwork, in a community hall.

Mutations is on as part of K11’s Christmas Art Playground.

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