MINOR DELAYS | Edinburgh, Gilded Balloon

Minor Delays are making a major impact on Edinburgh Fringe 2015.

Assembled in boy-girl-boy formation (Harry Michell, Abi Tedder, Joe Barnes respectively) the sketches come as fast as they do smart. Harnessing an aesthetic reminiscent of Peep Show, the trio never break eye contact with the audience, arising in various combinations to perform as a positively Dickensian array of characters.

From deaf friends discussing the medicinal properties of (and accidentally killing) a therapy llama to the recurring personal tragedies and eventual salvation of Mary, this is the comedy equivalent of dancing like noone’s watching. There is a reckless abandon about the humour and a brilliant darkness that lends control and shade to this glorious show.

Minor Delays are a triptych of comedic alchemists more than deserving of their sold out shows. A five-star foray.

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