KNOWER | London, Scala

Louis Cole and Genevieve Artadi are the Los Angeles-based electronic music duo currently raising eyebrows of confusion and grins of delight with their latest album Life.  Knower’s sound is a heady mix of future-funk and tomorrow’s dance floor processed through yesterday’s disco and last night’s party.  It doesn’t so much as pack a punch, but blitzes a brash cocktail of grizzly electronics and tireless drums that are then poured straight into your eye socket for intravenous effect without pausing to admire the glittery rainbow of colours the mix has created.  The message of the lyrics don’t matter so much (We do it for the pizza, p-i-z-z-a) when the music demands such an urgency to move it on the dance floor.  This is party music for millennials who couldn’t give a flying synthesiser about being mislabelled as snowflakes.

“This is going to be fucking cool” announced Cole when he first took his seat at the drums, and he was pretty much spot on.  If the crowd’s energy ever lapsed he only needed to stand up and we went bonkers, even more so when he threw a drumstick at a cymbal at the back of the stage (regardless of whether he hit or not) that loitered for no other purpose.  The whole spectacle teetered so precariously close to parody (not least when the line-up included keyboard wizard Jacob Mann) that at times it wasn’t quite clear whether to laugh or funk out.  The plastic donut hanging around his neck and the killer groove of all-star musicians he surrounds himself with suggest that Cole is perfectly happy with either, or preferably, both.

For more dance floor filling jazz, try Moon Hooch. The EFG London Jazz Festival continues until Sunday 19 November: check it out.

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