I ME MINE | Monaco, Médiathèque

Performing in a library, this psychedelic rock trio blasted through 80 minutes of slick, highly polished material. The vocals sound great together in harmony, though Fred Schang (acoustic guitar, keyboards) leads the vocals in no uncertain terms; an edgy, over-caffeinated sound reminiscent of David Byrne in Talking Heads.

Each song is carefully crafted, and nowhere was this clearer evident than in the pre-programmed keyboards, percussion and whistling that the trio played along with seamlessly, aided by drummer Guillaume Thiburs on headphones. Songs change timbre and texture constantly, as well as tempo, moving from rhythmic, distorted bass guitar (Sam Deverell) one moment, to Dixie-esque clattering percussion, to space-age, synthesiser sound-fields.

However exciting and creative these constant timbral shifts, they are necessary to deal with often quite simple melodic and harmonic material. Almost all the melodies revert back to riffing on the pentatonic scale, yet somehow still manage to sound distinct from one another.

The matching black-and-white zig-zag shirts and stage equipment work hand in hand with the choreography, including bassist Sam Deverell standing on top of the bass drum at one point, and something about planting a flag. Despite the highly controlled, pre-arranged nature of the songs, the band do get the chance to let loose in some solos. A highly deserved double-encore from the whooping crowd. One to watch.

Check the official website for information about upcoming performances.

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