HOT MESS: TIMEOUT’S EYE OPENERS | London, The Coca-Cola London Eye

Though there’s been a move towards arena tours in recent years, comedians know you still can’t beat the thrill of an intimate crowd in an enclosed space. When that enclosed space is made of glass, and a hundred and thirty-five metres above the river Thames, it’s somehow even better.

Max Levine and Anna Piper are at the top (pardon the pun) of their game. Levine’s relaxed camp plays out against Piper’s wide-eyed drama to hysterical effect, a dynamic which plays into the very fabric of the writing and the sketches themselves. Divine silliness categorises the humour, but there’s a bite to it too, especially with regards to Brexit and Levine’s Spanish teacher outing him at a school parents’ evening.

There is, as you’d hope, some tailor-made London Eye themed comedy, beginning with a deadpan “safety briefing”. Everyone gets a name on a sticky label to wear that’s a pun on a London landmark (I got “National Portrait Gary”). Sticking post-it notes up on the window with the (real) names of London landmarks, we are invited to pick the sketches which intrigue us the most.

The view is of course unparalleled, with a break for photos at the top: a completely disorientating and exhilarating comedy experience.

Talks and performances continue at the London Eye until 5 July 2018.

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