GO! NFT | Berlin, Nollendorfplatz

GO! NFT (an acronym for “Game Over”) is a free, temporary exhibition combining analogue and digital art displayed on over two and a half thousand square metres, created by the collective DIE DIXONS. A colourful world of walk-in installations with artworks created by more than a hundred artists form the architecture of the immersive experience. Using in-house Wi-Fi and a specially created app, we can enjoy the pieces as is, or bring them to life through augmented reality.

One of the most effective installations is by Fabifa (tape art) and Tiziano Mirabella (mapping art), a full-scale wall mural depicting a cyberpunk landscape with an android-like Van Gogh, which we interact with using a giant floor keyboard that lights up the mural in different ways with a variety of musical effects.

Some pieces work as optical illusions, allowing hidden images to shine through with changed lighting at the push of a big red button, like the large light box by Slava Osinski (selfmadecrew, weggefährten) that transforms to read “Parental Advice: Kitsch Content”.

Downstairs, there are much simpler gallery-style pieces (all uncredited), like a bag of trash in a glass cabinet labelled “STREET ART”, and horrific, scrawled figures of what appears to be Mario and Luigi.

There’s a kind of comic-book lightness and silliness to the exhibition as a whole, with perhaps too much pastiche and not enough gravitas or originality. On the other hand, everything on show is wildly entertaining, and incredibly accessible: something for everyone.

Free entry Tuesday – Sunday, 11am – 7pm, Nollendorfplatz 6.

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