From the bizarre, to the caustic, to the downright funkyGeorge Clinton and his entourage delivered an uncompromising headline performance on Sunday night at Love Supreme Festival. Festival goers were certainly challenged as Parliament Funkadelic stormed onto the stage with a wonderfully abrasive, quasi-metal version of the Funkadelic tune Super Stupid.

The influence George Clinton has on rock music is something that many fans of the funkier Parliament sound are often unaware of.  Not only is Clinton one of the most sampled men in hiphop but he is credited as a main influence by Rage Against the Machine, and even produced the Red Hot Chili Peppers second album Freaky Styley.

As a musician that is famous for continually being at the vanguard of hipness (and has never ceased to release new material on his own label) his set was never going to just be a string of greatest hits.  The first half of the performance was more akin to experimental punk hip hop artists like Death Grips or Danny Brown than to funk.  After a series of bizarre interludes from the backing singers, the set began to move in a more familiar funk direction that the crowd seemed more comfortable with.

Those in the audience that either enjoyed or endured the harsher side to this band were rewarded with a couple of classic P-Funk numbers including Get Up For The Down Stroke and their encore Flashlight. For this final tune the character Sir Nose arch villain of funk strolled out onto the stage in an outlandish costume acting too cool to dance, before finally succumbing to the heavy synth bass line.  This symbolic act was a perfect allegory for the sceptics in the audience that stuck around for what was nothing less than a subversively funky show.

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