FREE YOURSELF UP | Lake Street Dive

We first caught wind of Lake Street Dive back in 2012 when that video was being pinged from one inbox to the next, each time with a golden endorsement and a sense of excited wonder.  That voice, those harmonies, that silky groove: we wanted more.  A lot more.  What happened next? We lapped up the accompanying EP and have kept a keen eye and eager ear on them ever since.

Lake Street Dive’s new album, Free Yourself Up, feels a long way from that sunny sidewalk in Boston, but it was never going to be practical for their growing fanbase to clog up the pavements or sit in a nearby hedge in the hope of a live performance.  That’s not to say their sound is the lesser for the magnification of a recording studio: quite the opposite.  Lead single Good Kisser starts with a simple and crisp keyboard accompaniment, but its only twenty seconds later that lead singer Rachel Price can release the full strength of her vocals with a full and rocking soul band in support.  This is Lake Street in full flow with no limitations.  It’s a confident and attractive lyric too that squarely shuns the expected misery of a  break-up song: “tell ’em I’m a good kisser,  tell ’em all the things you told me in your desperate whisper.”

There is a sense of soulful swagger throughout the record – an album that carries a nod to nostalgic Motown, yet injected with some urgent rock and cool pop whilst never sacrificing the intimacy of their earlier output.  Bassist Bridget Kearney says of the new album, “Free Yourself Up is about empowering yourself, emboldening yourself, no matter what’s going wrong.”  In a world where it seems there’s plenty going wrong, Lake Street Dive are consistently doing right.

Free Yourself Up is out today on Nonesuch and available to stream, or even better, to buy.  Tour dates can be found here, including Lake Street Dive’s only European date of 2018 in London on 11th October.

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