FRANKENSTEIN: RELIVE 科學怪人.重生 | Hong Kong, Kwai Tsing Theatre

Do not let the title or the futuristic publicity mislead you: this is an extremely faithful, period costume adaptation of Mary Shelley’s classic 1818 novel; all the more miraculous then then that it should feel so fresh, even prescient. Just like the novel, all of the action is framed in flashback from a desolate, icy land, here portrayed in a stunning set design (Jan Wong) of a gigantic white tunnel, reminiscent both of an ice cave and a bleached laboratory.

The actors are not credited, and there is no curtain call, but the performances from everyone across the diverse cast are what sell this remarkable adaptation. The creature stands out, lurching from grotesque, infant-like lurches, to adolescent howling; the choreography (Ata Wong) deserves a special mention.

The set also functions as a blank screen for massive, hallucinogenic video projections (Lo Wing) and bold lighting (Bert Wong), which whip us across time, space, and sanity. Allowing for one or two cliché moments, the musical score and sound design (Labroe Lee) are central to the production’s atmospheric power.

For Hong Kong, it’s an unusual decision to have no subtitles for non-Cantonese speakers, or even any English-language synopsis, especially for such a blockbuster adaptation of an English classic, with universal appeal (especially at Halloween). But more power to the production for prioritising the purity of the theatrical experience.

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. 【如果我學會了微笑,你可以愛我嗎?】 人一出生,就是無止境的學習。看見親人露出欣喜的微笑,於是我們學會了笑;遇到傷心難過的事,我們便學會了哭。隨年漸長,在日常生活中遇到的人和事上,學會更深層次的同情、哀傷、憤怒、恐懼……七情六慾和一顆能夠共情的心,就是人類與動物最大的分野。就像我,在維特身上學會了恐懼;在陌生人身上學會了憎惡;在老人身上學會了憐憫。如果我快樂會笑,傷感會哭,這樣,算得上是人了吧。 看到了嗎創造者? 你走了之後,我也學會了這些情緒。 我也是人。 《科學怪人.重生》 詳情及購票: 原著:瑪麗.雪萊 改編:卓柏麟 導演:盧智燊 佈景設計:王健偉 服裝設計:章佩佩 燈光設計:黃宇恒 作曲及音響設計:李寶瑜 錄像設計:盧 榮 形體戲劇導演:黃俊達 影片製作 演員:王 維 、朱 勇、馮祿德、黃清俊、伍潔茵、白清瑩、李妮珊、阮瀚祥、袁浩楊、梁仲恆、陳琳欣、廖國堯、劉仲軒、劉雨寧、蔡蕙琪、蘇振維、尹溥程、杜雋饒 🔖演出地點:葵青劇院演藝廳 📆公演日期:10-25/10/2020 🎫票價:$380, $320, $260, $180 門票現於城市售票網公開發售 #中英劇團 #科學怪人重生 #舞台劇 #十年翹首 #參與實驗 #Frankenstein2020 —————————————— 因疫情反覆,中英劇團會適時配合康文署發出的最新座位安排指引,部份觀眾的座位有可能會被調動,敬請見諒。 歡迎閣下購票後到以下連結登記聯絡方法,讓我們提前了解你的需要,並將最新消息通知閣下。 登記聯絡方法:

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Cantonese language only, 10 – 25 October 2020.

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