FLAVIA COELHO | London, Rich Mix

Flavia Coelho is the personification of energy, but reducing her to merely this would be a mistake. This petite Brasilian bomb appeared to the audience at Richmix last in all her fiery splendour and immediately grabbed the audience’s attention with her unique sound and Tina Turner-esque sass.

Following the release of her genre-defining first album “Bossa-Muffin”, Coelho continues to blend an incredible array of musical influences in a truly organic manner, live and on her latest album “Mundo Meu”, which sees a slightly more personal side of the singer.

On Monday, Coelho’s set seemlessly spanned from the lead song “Por Cima” (bolero), the care-free Caribbean “Passou Passou”, the occasional more intimate and down-beat song, to baiaõs, such as the tongue-in-cheek “Hoje”.

Coelho’s stunning and multi-facetted vocal performance was superbly complemented by her two musicians (keys, electronics and percussion). The entire night was punctuated by Coelho’s hilarious (mostly Portuguese) stage chat; her occasional drum solos and a LOT of audience dancing.

This  is set to go far! Be sure to check out her collaborator, the German artist Patrice, for more sunny beats.

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