FINI BEARMAN | London, Kings Place

Fini Bearman’s Burn the Boat album tour came to the not quite freezing waters surrounding Kings Place and we all plunged in with her.

The metaphor suggests (and Fini herself explained) that a friend gave meaning to this dream-vision by offering that sometimes you need to burn your boat in order to create a motivation/necessity for the next step. It would be a manic scene in many hands, although in Fini’s there is a philosophical calm to even the most rage-filled moments. This is perhaps because her writing is first and foremost words-up-front. A performer with a penchant for stand-up (formal or otherwise) every turn of pace is articulated in synthesis with the music.

Words are rhythmic and occasionally tumbling throughout (with the serene exception of Winter), aided and abetted by a band capable of virtuosic interludes. ‘Maybe Next Year’ gives Matt Robinson on piano and Nick Costley-White on guitar an early chance to shine, throwing solos back and forth across the stage. Conor Chaplin on bass and Dave Hamblett on drums are tight, bright and light on their feet/fingers when required.

This is very honest writing. She talks of her ego openly and in ‘Gone’ is lit on the stage with the band washed out in a muted blue in the background. The show is though very much about Fini, and unashamedly so.

Burn the Boat is out now on Two Rivers Records.

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