In its 16th smash-hit year, Fine Art Asia offers a weekend of carefully curated, incredibly diverse commercial art for Hong Kong buyers. From exquisite Chinese antiques, to modern, hotel-lobby-type structures, every visitor will enjoy this highly accessible show.

The show’s spacious, non-linear outlay means that visitors will naturally be directed to what draws them in most, be it jewellery, vintage photography, or student art, with friendly offers of further explanation as required. On the other hand, there are some highlights you might like to check out first.

Head to Grotto Fine Art to see Xie Chengzhuang’s The Marchers (2020), which calls to mind the Hong Kong protests, in a stunning evocation of miserable medieval European-Christian iconography. Tam Tak-hei’s wearable miniatures of deconstructed construction sites, in a series entitled Constructed Before Construction (2020), are also a must-see.

Whitestone Gallery has a superb collection of arresting, untitled works, including large-scale ripped sackcloth on canvas, and a huge black-and-white piece that apes a classic Chinese mountainscape, dotted with tiny modern vistas throughout.  The Hong Kong Cancer Fund Charity Auction is also well worth visiting, if only to marvel at Hui Hoi Ku’s self-aware, incompleted Chinese fan embroidery.

Though it’s an art fair, calling the pieces “commercial” really doesn’t do justice to the quality and diversity of the local artists on display. It is, also, probably Hong Kong’s only art fair in 2020: but it’s still the best.

Open to pre-registered guests 26 – 30 November 2020 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

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